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Berry Punch Sign Spinner by MetaDragonArt

The Shading in this image is awesome, kinda reminds me of Borderlands 2. I love to imagine how people would react if they saw something...

I'm not very active on Deviantart nowadays, I'm more active on my Tapastic page now. Go check it out if you get a chance! (…)

Here is my Commission List its a relatively simple one.
Keep in mind I'm not limited to Ponies, though Humans and Furries may take slightly longer as they are not my strong suit.

Choice of Digital or Traditional (Traditional is sometimes of higher quality)
Ponies and Humans are open for requests
Furries - 4$
Example: Yes Here Comes Maya The Bee! by Rainbow-Flare001

Refined Drawings with Shading
Ponies - 7$
Humans, Furries - 8$

Maya AKA Flare by Rainbow-Flare001
Jdhaspirj by Rainbow-Flare001
 Tracer Maya (W/O beanie) by Rainbow-Flare001

Shaded with Background: 
Refined Drawings with Shading and a Background
Ponies - 10$
Humans, Furries - 15$
 Waiting for Lung Cancer by Rainbow-Flare001
Pour Me Another by Rainbow-Flare001
Start the Anarchy! by Rainbow-Flare001

A Few things to note when requesting a commission:
All prices are based on the Australian Dollar.
I won't do porn. 'nuf said
Give a description...(Not needed if reference is given) Name of character, Hair colour*, Gender, Hair Style, Height, Bust size blah blah blah.
If you have them, Send me references. Preferably a Pose reference and a character reference. it will make the process a lot easier for me.
(Colour Not necessary for sketches and inks)

Don't be an asshole to me, it will put me off taking commissions from you again.

I won't draw:
Male nudity (Anything above the..."Lower Area" is okay). 
Pregnancy (Fetish). 
Blah blah blah I think you get the idea... mainly because A. I'm not good at that kind of stuff and B. [link] and C. Drawing pronz is yucky Tantrum

I am willing to take sketch requests.

If you're not satisfied with the art I give you. please keep in mind that I don't see myself as an amazing artist that is up there with Salvador Dali, cause I'm not. I am willing to negotiate payment, actual negotiating. Not just "give it to me for free" there are example arts on this post for you to look at before making a decision. just know what you're paying for and don't expect me to take things lightly if I feel my time was wasted.

Art Trade: Open
Commissions: Open
Requests: Open for Pony and Human Sketches

PM me for PayPal Details

*Not necessary for sketches and inks

examples: Brand Spanking New Commission Info Image! by Rainbow-Flare001
  • Listening to: Whatever is on my phone
  • Playing: Derk Serls
  • Eating: The Entrails of my latest victim (Jello)
  • Drinking: Dehydration


Tracer Maya (W/ beanie) by Rainbow-Flare001
Tracer Maya (W/ beanie)
**I like the one without the beanie better, just cause it looks better, and I didn't want to delete the amazing job I did with her hair**

Surprisingly enough I haven't played Overwatch, It's literally TF2, well the base game anyways, there is the abilities and such that give the game a slight edge over TF2, but when you get right down to it, it is the exact same game, I guess Blizzard couldn't wait for TF3 

Tracer belongs to: Blizzard
Maya's Attire belongs to: me
Tracer Maya (W/O beanie) by Rainbow-Flare001
Tracer Maya (W/O beanie)
Surprisingly enough I haven't played Overwatch, It's literally TF2, well the base game anyways, there is the abilities and such that give the game a slight edge over TF2, but when you get right down to it, it is the exact same game, I guess Blizzard couldn't wait for TF3 

Tracer belongs to: Blizzard
Maya's Attire belongs to: me
Pour Me Another by Rainbow-Flare001
Pour Me Another
It Haunts me, Haunts me, Like no other
**based on a true story, well there was no love story involved but I do tend to drink alot when I'm depressed YAAAAYY ALCOHOLISM! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! Don't drink unless you're of legal age mmkay?**

Cringey Story Alert!
(flashback to a year before Maya went savage)

I don't go to pubs unless I feel depressed... Which happens rather often in my case. 
So why am I here tonight? Well lets see. I have two days to pay my overdue rent, I got fired from my shitty job and my parents couldn't give less of a shit about me, so I'm stuck with barely any money, that I am now blowing on alcohol...
I sit down and ask the bartender for a double whisky... I downed it like a shot rather than a double, and I asked for another... The bartender looked at me funny when I said that right after finishing my first one, but it didn't bother me, nothing did for me at this point in time.

I had taken my time with this glass, considering I had wolfed down the last one. My vision started to slowly drip behind my movements and I felt numb, I had looked around the bar not that many were here tonight. Just a couple of wolves sitting at a booth right across from the seat I was sitting in, one of them had turned to me whilst talking to his friends and quickly turned back.
I had turned back around and continued my drink...

A few hours had passed and I had drunken, well, lets say. A little........ okay that's an understatement, I had 6 beers and 3 double whiskeys... I felt horrible, sick in the stomach, headache, dizzy. I had heard a few murmurs from the wolves across the way about me, I turned my head around to see the same wolf who looked at me before, starring at me now. It did bug me out a little bit... but I wasn't bothered...

"O-okay.... O-one more drink, a-and I swear that I'm going home." I mumbled to myself. And I ask the bartender to one more, and he reluctantly abides and hands me another beer, he goes to serve another customer. and I lay my head down on the bench and I starred at the full bottle in front of me, lime poking out the top.
Just as I'm about to reach for it I hear someone behind me.
"I think you've had quite enough..." It was the wolf from before, after he said that, he picked up the beer and moved it away from me.
"Aa-aww, co-ome on...." I say in a baby talk accent,
"You are stumbling over your words, with 6 empty bottles and 3 empty glasses in front of you... You have had enough." I knew he was right... so I tried to sit up without falling out of the chair, and I leaned my elbow on the bench...
"So you gonna tell me your name or are you just gonna stare at me like you've been doing all night?" I asked with a slight snicker.
"Aleks, E-K-S, everyone thinks its spelt with an x." he replied with a smile. "and you?"
"M-Maya... Maya's Maya name!" I had laughed a little too hard at that joke, didn't really make much sense to me in my drunken state, but Aleks had chuckled a little bit, I don't know if it was out of sympathy or if he was just easily entertained...

"Okay look, you obviously are in no shape to get home by yourself, I'm the designated driver for my group over there so I can give you a lift home if you want." he offered, and me being drunk and tired and, like he said, in no shape to walk home. I was in no place to pass up a free ride, as creepy as it is accepting a ride from an almost total stranger, I hopped down from my seat almost falling over in the process, I stumbled back up and to the front register to pay my bill, Aleks then stops me and offers to pay, I responded with a laugh "N-no, you can't pay for a strangers bill... that's just.... weird..." before I knew it he had already paid. "Too late." he said with a snicker. I sighed and walked out the door along with Aleks into the city street, Aleks walked me to his car and opened the passenger door for me.

"Well, how gentlemanly." I said in a broken posh accent. "I try my best" he chuckled. Just then the excessive alcohol in my system gave me the urge to throw up, "S'cuse me a sec" I sprinted to a nearby trash can and held my head over it in preparation for the worst. Aleks came up behind me to console me during this.
After bringing my lunch back up, I had wiped my mouth, and turned to Aleks, 

"You alright?" He asked with worry.
"Yeah, at least I wasn't asleep when it came up." I responded sounding like I had the flu.
Aleks once again led me to his car and I got in the passenger side.
I told him where I lived and he dropped me off.
Just before I was about to get out of the car. I stopped and asked the question. "H-hey... Do you want to come up for a cup of coffee?" I don't know why I asked that. maybe it was because I was drunk, but I felt something about Aleks... a weird attraction, the way he took care of me despite him not knowing me from a bar of soap, It made me think... how would people see me if I went out with a wolf? It shouldn't be THAT bad... right?

We both went up to my apartment and I turned my coffee machine on.
"So why don't you tell me a bit about yourself?" I asked wanting to get to know him.
"I work security... Nothing too special but it pays well.." He responded whilst seeming rather distant about it.
"And You?" He asked. I went quiet... there was a short pause before I broke the silence. "Well... that was why I was at the bar tonight..." 

He asked me what had happened, I told him about how I was fired, about my overdue rent, how I've been struggling for a while. We talked for a good 3 hours before I went to sleep with my head rested on his lap.

When I woke up the next day my head was throbbing, hungover. I moaned and got up to get some aspirin and a glass of water.
I had then noticed on my coffee table that Aleks had left 300 dollars and a note saying 'This is for your rent. Call me sometime.' along with his number, I pulled out my phone and texted him so he knew it was me. he called me, I picked up, and through my splitting headache we talked for a bit before he had to be at work, we had a small argument about him leaving rent money for me, but he told me it was okay, and for me to rest up and to get over my hangover... we said our short goodbyes, and we both hung up.

I went downstairs to pay my rent, and I went back to my room and tried my best to get some shut-eye...
But You're Supposed to be Missing! by Rainbow-Flare001
But You're Supposed to be Missing!
Cringey Story alert!
I don't know what had happened at Cliffside, I had just woken up in the passenger seat of Aleks' SUV in front of my apartment. He never told me anything about what happened, just where I was taken...
When I had woken up Aleks was just barely dozing off.
I had given him a soft shake to wake him up. When he saw me he didn't say anything, he just hugged me, it gave me a strange feeling, the way he just remained silent and held me felt a little off putting.
Finally, he broke the silence.
"Do you want some coffee?"
I pulled back from his hug.
"Um.... y-yeah sure." I replied softly.
"Okay. Go upstairs and get some rest, I'll bring it up to you."
I nodded and got out of the car, once Aleks had driven off I emptied my pockets, My phone, wallet, lighter and a half crumpled packet of cigarettes, I didn't know how long I had been out, but I definitely knew I needed one. 
I pulled out a cigarette and lit it. A few puffs in and my head started to rush like it used to when I started smoking, I got dizzy and leaned against the wall to enjoy my ten to twenty seconds of stress relief.
Once I had finished, I went upstairs to go to bed, that's when I noticed my door had been unlocked and left open.
I got up to the doorway to see a rabbit dressed in a police uniform looking through a set of my drawers on the other side of the room.
"What are you doing in my apartment?" I asked much to the surprise of the officer.
"Huh!? Wait.... AH! NO! YOU! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE MISSING!" The rabbit exclaimed, frantically trying to put everything back where she found it.
"Well I'm not am I...? Do you have a warrant?" I questioned as much as I didn't really care.
"W-well... no." She stammered.
"Then that's all I need to know... Would you kindly leave?" pretty ballsy to say to an officer of the law, I know.
"R-right, but first, would you be able to answer some questions for me?" I could tell she was relatively new to her job, but to her credit she did keep her cool.
"Okay, look. Officer, I would, but I am just as clueless as you are, all I remember is attacking my friend against my will and then waking up in the passenger seat of his car perfectly fine. Other than that I have nothing to offer, now I'm really tired because I feel like I've been awake for three days straight and I would like to have a silent twelve hour nap, good day." I then closed the door without saying anything more, and I plopped myself on my bed, and quickly drifted off.
You think I might go SAVAGE?! by Rainbow-Flare001
You think I might go SAVAGE?!
Yes, Yes I do.

Story to go along with the image (Warning: It will be extremely cringey) cause why the hell not?
I'm Maya, I'm a fox, quite obviously. This is my friend, Aleks.
Some say that we look cute together... not really sure how a Wolf/Fox relationship would work though....
anyways... I'm going to tell you the story of how I went savage....
it was a regular day like any other, Me and Aleks went and got our morning coffee from our local café, the owners know us well. they gave us our coffee on the house this day... it was a strong coffee. It had made me feel sick in my stomach, and I had gotten some shakes...
I had nothing to do, so I thought I would see Aleks to his job in Tundra Town, I never really knew what he did... he was very secretive about it, he almost insisted that I just headed home... But today he was rather quiet, and didn't put up much of a fight when I told him I would go with him.
So we got to his office, which told me, pretty obviously, that he worked an office job, only thing that was off was that he didn't wear a suit... But I guess it was more of a casual job rather than a higher up.
We both said our goodbyes and I turned around to head back to the train, I then felt something hit me with a hard force.
My body tensed up, and I got dizzy.
My head started to throb, my knees went weak and I fell down.
I turned around to spot Aleks rushing to my aid.
I started to feel anger rise within me, I couldn't control it... I was scared... Against my will I started to growl, which made Aleks jump back. Under my breath I mangaged to push out a single word... "run..."
Aleks took a couple of steps back towards the buildings steps.
He pulled out a radio from his back pocket. "I've got a savage fox on the outside of the building... I need backup"
And without thinking I lunged up and swiped at him. I tried to hold myself back but I couldn't, I managed to get one swipe in on his left leg, causing him to have a limp... Trying to fight it I got dizzy again, and I started to stumble.
I then spotted two other wolves coming out of the office building, one with a gun in his hand.
I was still growling despite my best efforts to fight it.
The wolf with the gun pulled the trigger and a net surrounded me. I started to flail around with rage. The wolf with the gun put his weapon around his back and started to drag me off, while the other one talked to Aleks to get my information.
I was then thrown in the back of a van where I heard Aleks shout out. "HEY! NOT TOO ROUGH!" with worry in his voice.
the doors then slammed in front of me...
I had lost my ability to speak... but I swear I had mumbled "I'm sorry" under my breath. after that... my memory went blank.


Rainbow-Flare001's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I'm a 18 year old kid from 'Straya, who likes to draw
I Myself feel like I'm a terribad drawer and I can only find out if I'm bad if someone says so in the comments of a drawing I did.
I Have a Youtube Channel:…

I Like Pokemon and Rick and Morty.
they are pretty good...

Anyho that's all I have to say right now... o^o

*Profile art by :iconakuoreo: *

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